On it and first love ...

On it and first love ...
 Romantic attachment teenager remains forever in the heart as warm and tender or painful memories. Important role for adults: parents, teachers. Their reaction depends not whether the memory of first love is associated with psychological trauma. How to treat a child's first novel, it does not harm him?

First love - a feeling that overtakes a person, usually in adolescence and never forgotten. Many remember sometimes tedious wait festive evening at the school, passionate lines written on the cover of a notebook, or small messages sent by the object of adoration for February 14. How can psychologists explain the phenomenon of first love?

At the age of 12-14 years comes the time of physiological maturation of human. Teenagers watching the changes of your body (breast growth, menarche, breaking voice, etc..d.) Often unconsciously. Emotional maturity comes much later. But in high school there first sympathy, which is expressed as a rule in the clean and jerk and tweaks for boys and girls ridicule. Teens painfully its maturation, compare themselves with each other, with idols, trying to be like them. Love, especially in the spring, is reaching epidemic proportions. It's OK. Someone actually begins to feel affection towards another, someone just wants to love his life appeared, therefore mimics the heroes of reality shows and soap operas. Parents often behave correctly with respect to the first sense of their child: they laugh or indifferent notice that it will soon pass, sometimes being forced teenager refused to communicate with the object of love, fear of the consequences. Alas, all this often has a negative impact on the psychological development of the individual.

Most often, the first love - a passion or love, memories of her whole life can accompany a person, because this is his first experience, even when everything is new, all the unknown, all is burning interest. Idealization of the beloved cherevato disappointment. That is why teens may end up feeling sad. Cases of suicide or depression are common at this age. Parents and teachers should delicately, without interfering, to observe the development of love child. It should be remembered that one careless word, ridicule or indifference can cause deep psychological wound. Need to appreciate and cherish the trust relationship with the teenager, keep his secrets. You can tell us about your first love or with a good movie. Try to establish a friendly relationship with her daughter or son, then you will not have problems due to the fact that a child goes against doing something out of spite to show their independence and adulthood.

Physiological aspects of first love is also very important. The reason for the decision to make love can be not only a passion, but also curiosity, the desire to be "like everyone else", imitation classmates or movie characters. It is not necessary to perceive the painful news of what had happened the fact. Prevent problems that could lead to an early and unprotected sex: a talk with teens about contraception and disease. Do not hesitate, as the consequences of ignorance is always unpleasant to overcome shame.

First Love sung by poets and artists, singing about her, about her silent ... Let the child will be only good memories of this amazing feeling!

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