Neskuchniy sex: six rules for real macho

Neskuchniy sex: six rules for real macho
 Boring sex - it's sad. You can not be too experienced, a little shy, a little tired, but to be boring - you can not! There is hardly a man who wants a woman thought he was boring in bed. How to become a real macho and win the hearts of beautiful women? There are six rules of working flawlessly.

1. Do not ask for permission

Stupid questions can cool the ardor of a woman who is set to sex. Expressive eyes, accidental contact mean much more than questions like: "My favorite, but if I could be yours today passionate lover? »

2. Surprise

If your relationship crossed the line a casual connection, try to partner does not get bored. Behind the first night, you start to get used to each other, and most importantly - to show originality, do not be predictable.

3. Down with automatic sex

Be passionate: a woman should not feel like a toy to meet the needs of men. Nobody talks about African passions, however, your partner should feel cherished and unique.

4. Be romantic

How would any woman want to look strong, she still dreams of a romantic relationship. Pamper her, and let it be simple tokens - it does not matter. The main thing - romantic, sweet and sincere, whether it's dinner with candles, little note lyrical content, or something else. Sincerity is captivating woman and makes her happy.

5. Look for a new

Nothing is more depressing as routine and monotony. Not sure he studied the Kama Sutra and torture mistress new uncomfortable postures, but to offer something new should always! Who said that the bed - the only place for sex? But what about the bathroom, kitchen table, saloon car, blooming lawn? The whole world is at your service - just do not be boring.

6. Do not cry and do not be silent

If a man during sex screams, growls - it's interesting. However, only the first time - will soon get tired of it, how tired and silent and concentrated wheezing lover. Try to understand that like a woman - maybe she likes to call it ... a witch? Or fish-bunny-pussy? Hardly, but it happens, but you need to show imagination and use trial and error.

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