Misconceptions about the desire

Misconceptions about the desire
 Women want men to fulfill all their whims, men want the same thing, but for myself ... and to immediately and in the first place ... And do you think about what you would like, in our relationship with a partner? And he wants you to your partner? And as if to make sure that permissiveness and violence never crossed out tenderness and harmony?

It is believed that the phrase "do with me what you want" in women is associated with love, while men - pornography. Women represent themselves as they talk about it in a suitable situation, barely holding back a rush of feelings, and how affectionate partner after these words sweet freezes in anticipation of something amazing, after which both dissolve in each other. But as soon as the lady with the words refer to the partner, the whole veil of mystery and bliss immediately disappears, and replaced by a rigid (and sometimes even violent) men's initiative in love games.

Of course, women's and men's sexual fantasies are different, but somehow, they always an element of violence. Whether it's playing with blindfolding (as well as the hands and feet), fun with dressing up or even "comic rape." But when sex (whether due to excessive cruelty of men, whether because of false shame beautiful lady) again and again is not a pleasure, men tend to blame their failures woman. "Is this what you wanted! - He says. - Stop lying and hypocrisy. You did just that and wanted! »

Feminists as expressed in this regard: for men sex and power - one and the same, and the men themselves - selfish. Perhaps all this is not entirely untrue. For themselves feminists did not fit such a statement? They do not want power? Usually a person - an animal only to the extent that from his vile needs depends on its existence as such. And, of course, as written at the time the Epicureans, sex is in these moments to the needs of the second order.

But, excuse me, why are we all collect the same brush? Among men as among women, there are bitches and whiners, degenerates and sadists. But there are wonderful, loving people, gentle and attentive.

So do not throw all the blame on others, blame and insult the partner, if something does not work. Is not it easier just to soberly assess their wishes and desires of the second half and try to find something in common? What a pleasure to both partners, and, at the same time, do not humiliate, not offend neither the one nor the other.

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