Is it possible to love two people?

Is it possible to love two people?
 Because of their emotional, some women are sometimes windy. The lady can easily get carried away by the man, it seems that the feelings are extremely strong, but runs for a while ... and there is one more representative of the stronger sex, and is no less loved. This situation gives rise to a woman's soul constant torment, she starts to rush "between two fires", unable to answer the question: "Is it possible to love two people? ".
 Most of the people like to experience the feeling of love. After all, it brings with it a winged, happiness and desire to smile. And women such emotions is much more necessary than men. The fair sex have always been a heightened sensitivity, mood swings and subconscious desire to be attractive. Feeling the attention of the opposite sex, they bloom. And the appearance of himself, the one and only, and does turns life into a fairy tale.

But time does not spare feelings, they become more calm and do not bring past experiences. It was at this time in a woman's heart can free a small corner, which is able to take another man. It does not matter, it will be a close friend or casual acquaintance. The main thing that he was able to give a woman the opportunity to escape from the usual relations and again feel the most beautiful, the most desirable. For her, this situation creates the illusion that the two men - a very close, family, necessary and essential people in your life. That's just it all really? And whether she likes them? For many women, these issues practically unsolvable.

And if you are having this problem, the answer is to be found only within themselves. Think about what it means for you the word "love." When it is associated with concepts such as "home", "family", "comfort", "children", then simply need to determine the elect. Otherwise you izmuchal himself doubts, spoil the nerves and health. Understand that there are no perfect people, and whoever becomes the partner in life, he will still shortcomings. But the foundation should be something that you care about the man, you know it, you want to be there and he, in turn, reciprocates.

If "love" in your understanding - is the ease new experience, passion, it means that either you are too flighty and not capable of constancy, or have not experienced the "injection in the heart." In this case, you can "like" two, three, etc.

These feelings are characterized by a desire to always be together, make up the two halves of a whole, the ability over time, not destroy relationships, and strengthen them. And the same can be done only with one man, on the other had neither the strength nor the desire.

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