How to stop your man jealous

How to stop your man jealous
 To build a perfect relationship must learn to look at some things "different" eyes, change yourself into a different side to the partner was comfortable. Often interfere with the harmonious development of jealousy on the part of women. In this case, you should think carefully about their actions and realize that only gets jealous and often becomes an occasion for scandal and irritation men.
 Learn to trust your spouse. Trust - the basis of any relationship. Otherwise, the constant suspicion can ruin any life. When you decide to be with him, you took it for what it is.

Assess the situation objectively. Even if he looked at another girl, do not just swear and arrange debriefing. Men's essence is that they are sometimes not controlling themselves, pay attention to the opposite sex. This is not fatal. Convince yourself that. If you find it hard to do it, get auto-suggestion. Remind yourself that you are favorite, desirable and beautiful, but you and your man do not need anyone.

Talk to her husband about your jealousy. If this is a serious problem in your family, do not hesitate to discuss it. Ask him to not provoke you, if it is your relationship road. Explain that without his help will not cope. Someone I love to go to a meeting and you understand.

Maintain self-control, if the spouse before your eyes pays attention to another woman. Not "twist the" self. Try to ignore the situation and realize that any other behavior in a similar situation would seem ridiculous and absurd. Once you manage to keep at least once and not start a scandal on this basis, praise yourself. Each, albeit small, victory over the other - is the path to peace of mind. In addition, you will notice that the man himself began to behave differently.

Respect yourself and demand the same from his men. If he will treat you with awe and tenderness, his thoughts will arise about how to give a reason for jealousy. Know that you are unique and unrepeatable. Control your emotions, to avoid thoughts of jealousy.

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