How to end the relationship with a married man

How to end the relationship with a married man
 Starting a relationship with a married man, you must understand that such a relationship will end sooner or later. If you realize that your partner is not going to leave the family, such unpromising relationship better stop - they are unlikely to make you happy.
 Of course, end the relationship with a married man, especially if they have lasted a few years, it will be difficult. But you decide on it will be much easier if you realize that your married elect, who considers the relationship on the side for yourself quite acceptable and unfaithful to his wife, and will soon be able to change you.

In addition, it will be easier to break this link, if you try to see all the advantages of this Act. Not only that, you will not have to wait long-awaited meeting and suffer from loneliness during the holidays and weekends, you survived the separation, will again be open to relationships and should be able to not only meet single men, but also to create with it a strong and happy family .

Starting the implementation of the conceived, gather your thoughts, pick the dates for this serious discussion of speech and told his beloved unfree about breaking your relationship. Try to make this point clear and strict tone that brooked no objections and ambiguities, or your man can not appreciate the seriousness of your intentions.

Most likely, after this conversation rejected the stronger sex will start to call you and send a message asking you to think again and not to stop your appointments, so that he liked. Do not fall for his words - if you are not sure that will be able to resist the onslaught of yet close to you, do not respond to calls or even turn off the phone.

Make it so that you did not have free hours during which you experiencing separation and evaluating the correctness of your solution would start joint view photos or to touch his gifts. Take yourself, sign up for foreign language courses, engage in fitness, learn your favorite type of needlework or get your hands on ballroom dancing. This will help you not only survive the separation easier and faster to forget about this period of your life, but also will enhance your self-esteem.

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