How to avoid quarrels Man

How to avoid quarrels Man
 Nobody likes to quarrel. Of course, it is also impossible peaceful relations - psychologists believe that in this case a pair of simply indifferent to each other. But sometimes I want to avoid a quarrel.
 Just learn to respond to all the words in your address, offense and not less nervous for the modern girl is very difficult. No wonder people with easy character so appreciated. Immunize yourself some qualities you are unlikely to succeed, but you can always try.

Do not throw your favorite accusations even after released to your address prickly phrases. Sometimes men is difficult to formulate his thoughts, and he really had something else in mind. Even saying "There are girls who have hair too much, and you have so beautifully," he tried to express the truth that pleased with your hair, not to hint at the lack of volume.

Yes, you do not just asked to build their compliments differently. But you will not be able to pronounce the words, instead of beautiful strange proposals with a hint of reproach? That's your favorite hard to convince yourself.

And do not make hasty conclusions. After all, cases like "What is this terrible woman with you? Oh, sister! Well, she's a beauty "has become very well-known anecdotes.

Sometimes quarrel arises from the conflict. Conclusion - conflicts need to learn to get round. This does not mean that complex topics better not discuss at all. In contrast, long hoarding resentment and delaying important issues for later, you will only aggravate the situation. But those cases where a decision can be taken immediately, but you want a different, worth investigating separately.

The ability to find a compromise to save you and your loved one a lot of nerve cells, and sometimes can and keep the relationship. The rules are simple: do not be stubborn, certainly talk quietly. Always consider both points of view, it is not necessary to perceive each other's opinions as definitely wrong.

Keep yourself in their hands. Even when you're fighting, the situation can be reversed. And the quarrel may have the worst consequences, up to separation. You prefer the first option? Then, before you answer the next insulting tirade, remember all the good things that happened in your relationship. Poor recall strictly prohibited - in the heat of the moment you are not adequately perceive past events and may decide that you do not need a man at all. And after a couple of hours to regret his decision.

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