How do you know that it is love

How do you know that it is love
 Love - a wonderful feeling, through which people experience the brightest emotions and open up a new quality. From a proper understanding of the condition depends, in what could become love - in true love or disappointment. Psychologists have identified a number of signs that feeling. Knowing they can adjust their behavior and avoid mistakes.  
 The first sign of love - behavior change. Becomes a completely different look. As a rule, a woman in love lowers his eyes in the presence of men and hesitate at a chance meeting views. Man, on the contrary, his eyes with a woman whose feels. Changes and speech. Disappears usual ease, as the meaning of words is given greater importance now. Men more often try to make jokes, anecdotes and interesting stories to get attention please a woman.

Lovers do not notice the shortcomings partner. In contrast, for example, out of love, when all defects are clearly visible, but simply accepted as an objective reality.

One of the surest ways to distinguish love - to spend at least a day apart with a partner and to listen to their own state. If there is no feeling of comfort, always want to write or call a loved one, and nothing can distract from these thoughts, then it is love.

Between Love in the blood dramatically increases the level of adrenaline. Therefore, this feeling is well recognized physiological signs. In all lovers exacerbated feelings, there is a general rise in energy and mood. They can sleep only a few hours a day without feeling tired, but about the cold during this period can be easy to forget. Their love would like to share with everyone do not want anyone to argue and quarrel. Small cons on this very attractive background - reduction of the logic of concentration and loss of appetite. However, some loss of appetite, and referred to a definite plus.

Another criterion by which we can confidently diagnose Love - is selfishness. If a person thinks only of himself, how he will be fine, it is not taking into account the desire to partner, then love until we are not talking. But love - a great foundation on which to build a real, strong feelings.

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