Hits his questions

Hits his questions
 Men ask questions and hope to hear them an honest answer. However, they do not think about the consequences of their curiosity. And a clever woman is easier to hide the details, to keep the peace in the pair.
 In the first place in the hit parade tricky question: "How much have you had to have a man? ". Why is that so many young people are interested. And guess what they want to hear in response - is difficult. Say that one or two - think that nobody needs. Boast amorous conquests - decide that frivolous and is not ready for a permanent relationship. It is best to leave this question unanswered. Can be assured that it does not matter, because all your thoughts are only a favorite. And you just do not want to reminisce about the past hobbies. So you raise your self-esteem of men and will withdraw from the conversation sensitive issue.

In second place the question: "How much do you earn? ". Of course, sometimes a man asks him just out of curiosity. But knowing the desire of male control everything, we should not call this amount. Then you will always have free money that can be spent on a new perfume, going to a spa and other cute women's weakness, which know the partner is not necessary.

In third place a question that has ever asked each loving man, "You got an orgasm? ". Most young people are interested in this after every intimacy. For them, sex without the final "explosion" is not possible. And explain to them that the female body is designed in a different way, that the onset of the highest form of pleasure must come together in a single point of a great number of factors, certainly not worth it. From all this speech a man make one conclusion - he was not able to give you pleasure. His self-esteem instantly falls, it will close and go in yourself. Or, on the contrary, try to bring you to orgasm many hours of lovemaking. Only weary him and you. Therefore, having heard such a question, answer, "Yes, dear, I was very happy with you! ". These words are enough to partner happy sweetly asleep in an embrace with you.

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