Sex - the most pleasant antidepressant?

Sex - the most pleasant antidepressant?
 Depression has become the bane of today. We can say that it was one of the inevitable consequences of scientific and technological progress, facilitating everyday life. Previously, when the vast majority of both men and women - were engaged in heavy physical work "from dawn to dusk", they simply had no neither the strength nor the desire to become depressed. Again, public opinion then meant much more than it is now. How to get rid of depression?

There are different techniques - and psychotherapy, and medication - to combat depression. In most cases, they are sufficiently effective and relatively quickly lead to the conclusion that man out of the doldrums. But there is another way - as old as the world, proven experience of countless generations. This is the usual sex!

It would seem a paradox: doctors, sexologists have long recommended not to engage in intimacy, when a man upset about something, preoccupied, just not feeling well. Since this could adversely affect the quality of sexual intercourse. But, nevertheless, depression sex really useful. Because during the person at least temporarily forget about the traumatic situation, which is very important. It increases blood levels of oxytocin, which is a strong anti-depressant, not for nothing that he is informally called "hormone of happiness." At the same time decreases the level of cortisol - "stress hormone." This is equally characteristic of the male and female body.

If unprotected sex, is done without using a condom, the woman receives an additional benefit, since some substances contained in the semen of men, are very useful for your partner, for example, stimulates the production of prostaglandin female hormones.

Numerous studies have shown that women who regularly resorted to unprotected sex, have fewer health problems and less likely to experience depression than women who require their partners to use condoms. But, of course, unprotected sex should be dealt with only in those cases where the man and woman are absolutely sure of your health and each other! Otherwise, get rid of depression, you can get much more serious problem.

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