Female bitch: who is she?

Female bitch: who is she?
 The phrase "a woman a bitch" is now increasingly common in today's society. It sounds, of course, as something disgusting, but is it really?

Today, to be a bitch even prestigious. In vain men say that never a cannon shot will not do it, and women frown at the mere mention. And for some, and for others - a female bitch forever remain a mystery that will forever attract their attention. Mention of a man bitch excites at a subconscious level. If he had met her in life, never forget, and if was in love with a woman, you'll love to the grave, perhaps without admitting it to himself.

And women ... no matter how they tried to treat with an aversion to bitch, yet each in his heart wants to be her.

How do I know if a bitch in front of you?

Elementary! It is impossible not to know. This is a beautiful, stunning well-groomed woman, he smells her expensive perfume on it - the best brand new fashion, it will never tolerate fake or so-called "consumer goods", she used to cherish yourself. She always looks perfect, and it is impossible to take her by surprise. Even at home, she always looks at 100, regardless of the time of day.

Female bitch spend money on trips to the beauty salon, solarium, manicure, pedicure, styling, or rather it is easy to part with them, because the main thing for her - love yourself and look like a queen. And the rest is not important. She has wonderful manners, upbringing, better education. It is sharp on the tongue and knows her worth, can not tolerate criticism and can be cynical. They bring a sense of humor and everything she can be skeptical. Bitch will never be gossiping or open to anyone the secrets of his soul. She keeps to himself, her soul - an enigma.

Among the crowd raznolikogo highlight bitch is not difficult: the noble bearing, shine, and at the same time, the coldness in his eyes, as if she keeps arrogant and at the same time with great dignity. Such a woman will never be a man for a friend, sister, mother - only fatal lover, which is impossible to forget.

Bitch resolute and confident, it is alien to the sincere feeling of pity. It is important for professional realization and independence, this powerful woman, but not a feminist, hating men. Next to it can only be worthy and strong man, the other just will not tolerate it.

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