Dependence on favorite

Dependence on favorite
 Often called the disease of love from her heartbeat quickens, there is a gleam in his eyes, rosy cheeks. But if the "symptoms" of others: tantrums, tears and temper tantrums - then it is not love, but psychological dependence on a loved one.  
 From this love relationship is significantly different. Love - is primarily positive feelings, joy, tenderness to your loved one. It does not matter how far the favorite, attitude does not change.
In the case of love addiction unhappy both partners. One is constantly experiencing the fear of losing a loved one, the other because of it constantly feels the pressure and endless control, he wants freedom and independence.

Emotional dependence on loved more often in women who are financially dependent on their husbands. In such a relationship the woman is much stronger interest in their preservation, so she gets jealous, check, control, or a man, on the contrary, all the ways he seeks to please, please, be soft and submissive. But this "master" only gets colder.

Dependence happens when the partners are not married, are rarely seen. In this case, the woman begins to live from meeting to meeting, at other times plunging into the abyss of depression, jealousy, tantrums. Emotional state of a woman is unstable, abrupt swings from melancholy to the unbridled joy and back. This happens in women is not fully matured, not yet ready for independent living.

Withdraw from the psychological dependence is difficult, but not impossible. This way to freedom and independence begins with the decision to create a life of its own. Get out of this "slavery" helps socializing with friends, from whom should not hide the situation. Strong employment many important or favorite Affairs will not allow to constantly think about the partner. A positive assessment of his own actions will help to get out of the crisis.

It is useful and professional help - a psychologist or therapist. The doctor will help you understand the causes and mechanisms of the problem, get rid of neurosis, from morbid affection. For this situation, a psychologist trained to regard as one of life's lessons you want to go.

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