7 signs of a perfect relationship

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 Despite the fact that the ideal relationship is rare, it is still not a myth. Most people dream of having their union was perfect, that they should be comfortable and warm together. But to dream a little - this should strive for.

Faithfulness is unshakable component of an ideal relationship. We treason may be several motives (the desire to have fun, revenge, etc.) and have only one loyalty - this is love.

Ideal relationship can only be built on trust. If every time you will be home to arrange a variety of questioning, you may not want to go there. Therefore, we must always and in all trust each other.

3.Kachestvenny sex.
According to the American sexologists, sexual disharmony - the first step to divorce. If none of the partners does not get pleasure from sex, then there is nothing you can do.

Despite the existence of common interests, each partner should have their own hobbies. After all, they are able to make you a bright and interesting personality.

5.Gotovnost change.
Often the basis of a breakup is the reluctance of one of the partners to compromise and change any of your habits and principles. But having overcome his pride and make concessions already possible to hope for a strong and long term relationship.

6.Umenie surprise.
Ideal Couple that which is never bored with each other. And all because they constantly surprise, make gifts and surprises are satisfied with your loved one.

7.Umenie listen.
Partners should be able not only to speak but also to listen. In this silence, not to interrupt and do not criticize.

In addition, the ideal partners spend time together and not get tired of each other. They feel satisfaction from the fact that they are side by side. They make sure that there are no ideal people to run and accept each other for who they are. They with a high degree of tolerance are the weaknesses of a loved one. Finally, they are absolutely confident in each other, which also features a strong and perfect relationship.

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