Why do men like bitches?

Why do men like bitches?
 There are many reasons why men like bitches. But they like they did not like the chosen one. Some like the artist, business woman, and many other types. So why are we so worried about man's interest is to bitch?

Firstly, bitch listens more than he, and men, as we like to talk too. They are often captivated when they see a woman, "the guy." With a bitch does not have to pretend to be what you want to see the beloved woman. Since it is easy because it is not assumed that it makes a man some expectations.

Secondly, with the bitch interesting. After all, are not born a bitch: you get a lot of blows of fate to become a bitch. Bitches highly educated, well-read, the scope of their interests can be wide as the universe, and they have a huge experience. What can you oppose this with your diapers, pots, shopping?

Third, a huge argument in favor of a bitch - they never "hung up" on a man, do not try it "ringed" monitor, report, and so require., Ie man it feels free. However, it may well lead you man. But do it either for fun, and then throw as boring toy or out of revenge. Still emissions. But in the second case, to understand the reasons for her revenge after all it would not be amiss.

Fourth. Bitches are unpredictable, sometimes even to themselves. They allow themselves sometimes ignore the rules of public morality and good taste. They are diverse, do not suffer tediousness and always willing to experiment, including and of themselves. Thus, bitch - this is for men an endless source of adrenaline. And any organism to a greater or lesser degree need not only dopamine (hormone of happiness).

Fifth. Bitches are usually able to call a spade a spade without equivocation. And when the shock passes from some revelations that from "no bitch" never hear, it appears that the information can be expressed very, very useful. In particular, for a better understanding of you though. After all, whose eyes, if not a bitch, man can look at "the other side of the barricades?" Therefore bitch - rather each for men than rival for you.

Last on the list, but not the least difference from the other bitch. They usually have a breakdown. Because they have become a bitch. So there is nothing to envy. But this is their difference they can skillfully beat: show their fragility, vulnerability, vulnerability, and men, especially the older generation, are very fond of play "daddies" feel their necessity, indispensability, to show care, etc. But this bitch had not abused.

Bitches never forget to think. A cry is likely to be you. It is not necessary: ​​it is better to learn all the benefits that you can learn from the bitch. If you can use even a fraction of their knowledge in practice, it is unlikely that your family will be able to destroy some kind of a bitch. Remember that men love women, not "my guys."

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