What will they say about a man of his pants

What will they say about a man of his pants
 Pants - the first part of the wardrobe, which a man puts on, getting out of bed. Some men are cowards solely as a protection from mud and cold, the other - they are trying to beautify themselves, like a girl. Not surprisingly, the model and color of cowards, you can say something about the person who wears them.

Men's Briefs existed in primitive times - a loincloth-type underpants men covered causal place of dirt, cold and extra views. In today's world there are more than 15 kinds of different models of underpants, from simple to glamorous. By the way, the choice of a particular model, you can learn something about the man - the host of cowards.

Classic pants melting knitwear mainly chosen by men who look after their appearance and shape, attend sports clubs. Most of them know a lot about sex, love to enjoy themselves and deliver his partner. However, a widespread opinion that the girls themselves classical melting like the least. They look simple, unpretentious and do not attract special attention to the causal body. Or maybe it's good?

Boxers - extended version of knitted pant-heats. Model, which has become particularly popular in recent years. It boxers, according to the girls, the most sexy look on men. The man who chooses boxer - the soul of the company, the witty, able to inspire conversation with him is always interesting. But I prefer a man in boxers - selfish, accustomed to think only of his own pleasure.

Silk boxers, "red truselya" often are the subject of lively discussions than are found on real men. But if your friend dared to wear such pants, then perhaps he is the fairy-tale prince, 'man, who does not regret spending a lot of time to please a woman.

The most popular pants Soviet times - boxers. They are called the family, because in such shorts can go home with the family, children, relatives, not being afraid to embarrass anyone by their bulges. "Boxers" are the most non-sexual cowards. Now this is not a very common style. Nevertheless, fans of boxers have! Modest boxers free style pestrenkih colors chosen by men who value comfort, care relating to their health (cowards well-ventilated, no sweating). Fans of "boxers" - gentle, affectionate, intelligent, often Monogamous ready for a serious long-term relationship. They make great family man.

Rare variant elongated boxers - Cycling - sometimes found among athletes. Made such briefs with the addition of synthetic fibers, lycra. Fans of cycling pants are not afraid of difficulties, adventurous, the struggle for the goal. Sexually, caring, gentle, attentive. But it is possible that there may be followers of unusual kinds of sexual relationships and games.

Panties thong, tanga shorts (Tonga) worn mostly strippers and supporters of homosexual people. However, some prefer them as well. Usually such cowards man tries to draw attention to himself, showing that he experienced in sex that "toy", hidden behind a thin cloth, ready for any experiments. It will require the same from you.

However, men - there are at least puzzling than girls. Everything can be quite different. It's just a coward, maybe mom or colleagues presented on February 23. So do not get too serious about this clothing items and even more so, sorted by cowards mate.

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