The main rules of sex after childbirth

The main rules of sex after childbirth
 So was born the favorite baby and 9 months of waiting behind. Many women, especially their husbands begin to think about the restoration of sexual life. This issue is of concern to everyone: when you can start to have sex without harm to health, how to make it less painful, and most importantly, how to quickly recover from childbirth.

The first rule to be followed without exception - do not start having sex earlier than 4-6 weeks after birth. This is due to the fact that the uterus needs time to recover and acquisition antenatal sizes. Must also heal the wound, formed at the site of attachment of the placenta, because if there will get some kind of infection, it may be inflammation of the uterus.

To the vagina after passing the baby's head was back in the old form of a woman should begin immediately after birth do special exercises that are designed gynecologist Kegel. They strengthen the vaginal wall, greatly improving sex life, as these exercises are beneficial for those who suffer from incontinence. Exercise is alternately tensing and relaxing the muscles of the vagina, first at a slow pace and then faster. Ease of these exercises is that they can be done anywhere and at any time.

Many women have no desire to have sex after childbirth. This may contribute to several reasons:
• fear of damaging their organs
• Fatigue due pulled hard duties
• Postpartum Depression
• complexes due to changes in the figure
• Fear of becoming pregnant again

All these reasons are easy to fix. The husband should be more attentive to his wife, to try to help her. This will help her to adapt more quickly to their new roles, relieve tension.

For those who began sexual activity should consider methods of contraception, because the chance of getting pregnant after birth again very high. The most reliable means of a hormonal contraception. Also parous women perfect IUD. It is set in a month or six weeks after birth, it lasts up to five years. But this method has contraindications IUD is not suitable for women with chronic gynecological diseases.

Today, even for nursing mothers are special preparations. In order to determine what is right for you, consult your gynecologist.

For many women, the first sexual intercourse after childbirth brings in enough pain. This may be due to vaginal dryness or muscle tension. In order to prevent this, a man should make his wife a relaxing massage and to be understanding of her feelings and requests.

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