The farther pnesh, the closer a mistimed challenge?

The farther pnesh, the closer a mistimed challenge?
 Relationship with a man - is an inexhaustible source of difficult to explain in terms of the logic of questions. Sometimes a woman deliberately pushes a man not allowing him to come for various reasons. He tries hard to win your attention, as if unaware of demonstrative hostility. It turns out, the farther pnesh, the closer a mistimed challenge?

Why the person you push down, leads to you with unprecedented power, and that for the opportunity to be with whom you are making unprecedented efforts often are not interested in your society? Such a law can not be surprised. Why is this happening?

Firstly, the forbidden fruit is sweet. It would seem that, where does it? Nevertheless, the terms in this case paramount importance. Putting a lot of effort to "shove" person as far as possible, you are, unwittingly, only strengthens his interest and attraction to yourself. He wants to find an answer to the question: why do you with it do that?

Additional motivation to conquer your heart impressively reinforces the feeling of love and longing have a "forbidden fruit." Sometimes, knowing this law, the fair sex deliberately cooled the ardor of the fan, trying to ignite it even more interesting. However, in this game rates are most often too high, because the great risk that a man will prefer less troubled woman.

Secondly, man often draws in his subconscious image of cold and inaccessible Snow Queen and himself as a conqueror and only the chosen royal personages. He believes that a woman most repulsive potential partners, is the focus of serious attitude to love affairs and a model of monogamy. These women they deliberately seek to create a strong family and procreation.

Third, frankly, inexplicable craving for works absolutely stranger. Psychologists shrug: for some unknown reason, they have sometimes drawn to a person who does not have anything to do with us. No common interests, unity of souls and love at first sight. But you suffer strange feeling of intimacy, and you start to make every effort to be there for him no matter what, not paying attention to such a trifle as Awesome misunderstanding that person your actions.

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