The best places for sex

The best places for sex
 The sexual revolution has long ceased to be in our country only an interesting topic for discussion. Now, many are discovering the most unusual places for sex far beyond their own bedrooms. If you want to tickle your nerves and privacy where it can be dangerous, or you just want to find some new place for lovemaking, read carefully. Surely something useful to you from the list.

Camping under the stars.
And it does not have to be a public park, where dart alert grannies, walking with dogs. You may well have a picnic in the woods or a trip for mushrooms, berries, and in the process to have sex in a meadow under the birds singing and chirping crickets. It's very romantic, in addition, in the remote woods, you can not think that anyone will disturb you and surrender to pleasure to the fullest.

Sounds pretty corny, but maybe you just have not tried to do it in the car. Here the main focus is to deliver the car in a place inaccessible to prying eyes. After swinging suspicious car will notice the children, teenagers and curious all the same Vigil grannies. So, if you do not have tinted windows around the perimeter of the car, it is best to call in a pre-deaf yard or vacant lot. By the way, the car on the level of comfort is not inferior to the home armchair or sofa, it is important to stay in it and do not make any sudden movements.

Bubbling bath.
It's romantic, beautiful and incredibly exciting! Just imagine that you are lying down with your loved one in a bath filled with fragrant foam and rose petals ... Just thinking about this head is spinning. Bath has a relaxing effect, can relieve stress after a hard day's work and bring together people who have dropped out to take her pleasure together. And how to do in her sex, and can not speak. When two hot naked body so close to each other, thought of themselves taken in the right direction.

Russian bathhouse dressing room.
Yes, that's waiting room because of the steam room to have sex, still not worth it. Temperature there is too high, vessels are dilated, and excessive excitement extends them even more ... so you can easily make a heart attack or stroke. In addition, the intense heat did not have sex very much and want. It is quite another thing - the dressing room. You will both be quite overheated, and the temperature is not high enough to pass out at the most inopportune moment. So if you have the opportunity to go take a steam bath in a real country, bring your loved one - you will not regret.

Of course, the most comfortable place for lovemaking was, is and will be a good sturdy bed. It is not necessary to indulge in constant experimentation, climbed a tree and hiding in the transformer box. From time to time, return to the cozy bedroom. After all, sex - not just a spectacular gymnastics, and, above all, proof of your mutual love and affection. Learn to appreciate it.

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