Rules of communication with divorced men

Rules of communication with divorced men
 Divorced men - is not just a free man. This is a man with a certain baggage of experience and feelings. He already knows the bitterness of the collapse of the senses and understands the taste of freedom. Or not a relationship with this man, it's up woman. But if she decides to still have an affair, you should know how to behave with your partner.  

Divorced men come in several forms. The first, with a broken heart, looking for a new girlfriend, maybe even a wife. These are men who do not see themselves without a woman. Only partner they need special. Strong personality, which will vest, support and protection from the outside world.

This type of men is very rare. It is most often initiated divorce a wife. Usually, the men immediately notify that they need a new girlfriend lives. If you do want to marry him, simple rules of behavior. Be strong, help and advise him, love him. But do not forget that this will have to do all my life. And you have to be better in all his previous wife. Otherwise, his memories expressed quite often spoil your life.

Well, with the other categories of men is not so simple. But a certain style of relationship you should know. If a man just divorced, do not try to immediately build a relationship with him. He received his freedom. Naturally, following the marriage is not planned. He will twist the novels with several women to choose. Psychologists say that after the divorce, the man must take a few basic steps.

First - it tends to get sex as much as possible. With whom, it is almost a matter of indifference. The next stage - a serious relationship that did not end in marriage. Then the man starts a relationship with several different women. When this step is completed and it is ready for the next wedding. The term of such ravings may be different. From one year to 10 years. Much depends on the age of the men. Younger than he is, the longer it will last this time.

At this time to build a relationship with a man not worth it. If you certainly want permanent and strong relations. Well, when a man walk up - begin to develop an affair with him. You have to be almost perfect to avoid phrases that your predecessor did everything better. Learn (if you do not know) good cook and clean.

Do not ask him questions about divorce. It is unlikely that you will hear the truth. But to find out what exactly happened, still need. This will help you not to make mistakes in relationships. Refer to independent sources. Ask colleagues, friends or relatives.

Do not try to bring a man to a frank conversation, do not climb into the soul. When the time comes, he will tell you all about myself. Do not get a vest for him. Otherwise, you'll be very fast in the category of friends.

Of course, do not try to fix a man. He has his habits, thoughts and desires. You will not be able to influence them. In general, any person can not be correct. And adult divorced man even more.

Do not make mistakes, they can lead to the collapse of relations. But this does not mean that you have to go on about the men. Find the middle ground. And most importantly - do not think that it will be your husband. Do not build vain illusions. Not every relationship ends in marriage, let alone a relationship with a divorced man even more.

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