How to meet with parents

How to meet with parents
 In a serious relationship between the girl and the guy sooner or later there comes a time when your loved one or beloved will introduce parents. How to do it correctly?
 The situation has a great impact on the perception. If a person is nervous, his difficulties at work, things are not glued, it will take all in black. That is why it is important to explore a loved one with parents seize the opportune moment. It is desirable that at this time the parents had no major problems at work, and between them they were not at odds.

Warn parents that want to introduce them to the person with whom meet and consult, when and how to do it. You can hold the first meeting on neutral territory, such as a restaurant, visiting family friends in the countryside. In this case, there will be less cause for embarrassment, and people unfold easier to communicate with each other. For this reason, some people prefer to do and organize familiarity seemingly as an afterthought. However, if a consensual meeting decided to hold the ceremony in the house of the parents of the groom or bride, this option also for his own good.

From the first meeting, much depends. Parents can accept or reject your chosen mentally, and in the second case to build a future relationship will be much harder.

Advance talk to her or tell him or her about your mum and dad. Pay attention to the peculiarities of their characters. For example, if his father usual habit of inappropriate jokes, warn your loved one that he did not take it personally. Then, if a joke is to take place, it will be an occasion for irony, not resentment.

The same useful to conduct a conversation with the parents. They better to talk about some of your favorite family or loved where he or she is studying or working, and to highlight other biographical facts. If your other half have some "sick" theme, warn parents that they do not touch them in conversation.

Well, if the meeting the two sides will exchange show. As a gift to suit flowers, a bottle of good wine, a thing made by the hands. Would be appropriate to bring something delicious to the table.

Finally, during the dating try to smooth out all the "rough edges" in the conversation, so that the interlocutors left a good impression of each other, and the next meeting started with pleasant memories.

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