How to meet a young man with his parents

How to meet a young man with his parents
 Introducing the guy with his parents is quite exciting and memorable event. And to all of the interested parties were satisfied, it is necessary to organize this meeting.  
 First, decide whether or not to hurry. If, for example, since your dating less than a week to think about presenting a young man to his family, to say the least, premature. If a young person older than you are 7-10 years old, your parents may react negatively to it.

Second, advance ask your boyfriend about his desire to get acquainted with your relatives. This question once you kill "two birds with one stone": learn about the seriousness of his relationship to you and will demonstrate their respect for him.

Third, not shocking. For example, if your boyfriend is a fan of piercings and tattoos, and your parents are only suits from Armani, in spite of all your efforts, their communication will develop quite hard. Ask your boyfriend, for example, to a meeting with your parents to remove most flashy jewelry, so as not to spoil the first impression.

Fourthly, prepare parents. Tell them that you have a young man told about it a little, and then, after 1-2 weeks, think about their acquaintance.

How do you behave? The main thing - do not worry. Of course, this is an important, but not crucial event. After all, even if your parents do not like the young man, to meet with him or not - it's up to you. Try not to talk complicated and prolonged phrase. Expressed simply. For example, "Mom and Dad - is Sergei - my boyfriend." Be prepared to inquiries from parents and do not hesitate to change the subject, if you notice that any of the parties it is not to their liking.

In addition, at a meeting with your relatives, your young person should be ready for many issues, such as: "What do your parents do? "" What are your plans for the future? "," How to academic success? "" How do you feel about smoking, alcohol, drugs? "" How do you spend time together? And so on.

Even if everything goes at the highest level, the parents first, on a subconscious level will take your guy as an invader. So please be patient and remember that the relationship - a kind of building, and the building in one day is not built.

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