How to make an appointment

How to make an appointment
 Today, the right to make an appointment is not the prerogative of men. Weaker sex also sometimes takes the initiative in their own hands and offers both time and place of rendezvous. Although sometimes so hard to say this simple phrase: "Let's meet."
 Assigning a first date, especially important to remain calm. And the more you like the young man (or woman), the more exposure you need. At this point, deceive themselves. Pretend not to invite her lover, but just a friend or colleague. It is unlikely that you will be embarrassed by offering a co-worker to see and discuss the project.

Do not be afraid to seem clever enough or serious. The more you focus on your own mistakes, the more they will be submitted. Accordingly, you lose your confidence with every step and just setting yourself up for failure. It is very noticeable from the outside.

On the contrary, be yourself, even exaggerate its character. If you are fun-loving by nature, the joke further. If you are calm and serious, remain unperturbed. The interviewee should immediately see you, not what you want to represent.

Do not make big bets on the meeting. In the end, you just go for a walk, and not to the bride. Now it's important to have a good time with someone who you like and do not beat a confession.

Talking casually, without pathos. The phrase should sound as if you think of every day and just specify the time and place of the next meeting: "I'll see you tomorrow at the park? "" Let's go to the movies tonight? "Do not offer to meet at all. Is expressed as if the fact of the meeting is already predetermined, it remains only to choose the time and place.

The words themselves must also be simple, no fancy wording. Speak at a comfortable distance from the interlocutor. If you have long been familiar, and the situation allows, an acceptable distance of 1-2 meters. Gaze into the eyes is not necessary, but better look into the face of the other party. At this point is especially important to stay calm, not to blush and not embarrassed. However, expression of emotions can flatter your counterpart and disarm him.

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