How to make a strong impression

How to make a strong impression
 The first impression may be the last - the person does not want to continue the conversation. But sometimes like to make this the most communication continued. Most often, women, going on a first date or other important meeting, worried about many things, and this concern is largely spoils the impression. In order not to spoil his mood over excitement, prepare for the meeting in advance and calm.
 Watch the wardrobe. Let your outfit will not be trendy, the main thing - that it was for you to face and emphasize the advantages. In your wardrobe must have at least two things that you go and sit perfectly on you. They should always be clean and ironed, that at any moment can be removed from the rack and put it on.

Do not get carried away with the details. Your attire should draw attention to you and not distract him over. So avoid too bright accessories, large exotic ornaments, causing excessive and long nails, otherwise your partner will remember is them, not you.

Sexuality should have a border. Remember that sexual attraction should not be calling, do not put too frank or too expensive outfit. Men do not like women who do not leave room to the imagination, and the high cost of clothes may simply scare. It is better if your view of the first meeting will be democratic and enjoyable.

Match yourself. Yes, exactly. If you're forty, do not try to look at twenty, do not wear too short skirts, do not get bright makeup. And if you are twenty, be young, do not try to look respectable. Just be yourself.

Peace and tranquility only. During the meeting, try not to worry - this nervousness can go to your interlocutor, and he is unlikely to want to spend time in this state. Try to tune in to a nice wave, get yourself together and just relax. The conversation itself will flow in the right direction.

Smile - the key to success. Do not sit with a straight face. Your partner should understand that it is pleasant to you. Smile - the easiest and surest way to give it to understand it. Then he starts to smile in response to you.

Be natural. If you try too hard to be interesting, fun, witty, intellectual - and the list goes on, you risk seem too intrusive and tiring. Do we want this? No. So remember that you are a person that deserves attention and respect, and behave naturally and safely.

"These eyes opposite ...". Of course, do not persistently staring at the person, but do not need to turn away. Look into the eyes of the other person, not hard, not a straight line, and with interest and gently.

Use the tactile signals. Allow yourself sometimes touch the hands of the interlocutor. It should be soft, gentle touch, not too long time. Do not touch the sexual area - you can not understand, and the impression you might get wrong. But touch "without subtext" tell your partner that you will find it enjoyable and you feel confidence in him.

Be always well maintained. Of course, not necessarily to go to buy bread in the evening dress and diamonds, but neat clothes, hairstyle and fresh appearance is always required. Your first meeting may happen suddenly - and then you can regret that once again not combed.

Keep your back. Do not slouch, do not cross your arms across his chest. Your posture should be open and elegant, otherwise your partner may think that you do not want to communicate with him, and the girls do not slouch colors by default.

Be interested in his companion. Do not talk only about yourself, let the partner to talk about their lives, interests, hobbies, plans. If he is shy and not very talkative, ask questions, thus, be tactful, do not forget about decency. Your companion must be next to you comfortable, and very personal questions relevant already at a later stage of relations. Try to ask him about what he himself will be interesting to answer. And do not ask about his ex-girlfriend!

Be consistent. Keep your opinion, do not agree with everything that the other person says, but it is not necessary to argue with him constantly, especially in the small things. Do not be aggressive, but too compliant and should not be.

Do not open immediately all its secrets. At the first meeting should not be spread interlocutor everything without a trace. Let remain unsaid between you, the ones that will encourage your counterpart to ask for the next meeting.

All of the above - it's simple rules, it is quite feasible and do not require much effort. But they will help you make a strong and pleasant first impression that will stay for a long time.

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