How to hold the first meeting

How to hold the first meeting
 First date - this is one of the most important events in the relationship between man and woman. Of course, the first meeting - a litmus test. And from that, it will take depends on the further course of the relationship, and often the answer to the question of whether the relationship at all.
 What is it, the ideal first meeting? Remember, the answer to this question is simple - the perfect first date is not, and can not be. The best is such an option, on which guy and girl have a lot of positive emotions. Therefore, to hold the first meeting successful, you just need to relax and get the most pleasure. Another problem on your first date - to understand whether to continue to deal with this young man. But hold questioning here is not necessary - it's just position it against you.

Despite the fact that the initiative in the first date should show a guy (as in choosing a location for the meeting, and the choice of topics for discussion), from a girl on a date depends very much. Your main task - to give him feel like a leader. If he can feel his virility, it will give him confidence and attract to you.

Often smile and laugh. Scientists have long known that laughter girl makes a man more confident and relaxed. Only if you truly listen to it and enjoy fellowship with him, you will be able to unleash the guy, he will tell you many things about myself than ever with no one shared. You do not want to he stuttered and looked at one point, afraid to move, right?

Be alert to the conversation interesting features concerning his identity. If he goes in for sports (playing smart games or read a lot of fiction), check this trait of his. Say what always wanted to do it, but you turned out badly. Surely he immediately agrees to give you a couple of free lessons. And yet, your honest confession to arrange it for you.

There are many opposing and conflicting opinions about whether or not to kiss on the first date. No answer to it, but if you listen to your heart, it will all happen correctly. Initiative should be a young man, and if you enjoyed fellowship (himself), then you have the right to award himself and his kiss.

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