How to hint to him about the meeting

How to hint to him about the meeting
 Some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity faced with a situation like when a young man, but he does not dare to offer to meet. Nevertheless, he was happy to continue to communicate. How to be in this situation? You can gently push a man to such a complicated first step.
 If you feel that the gentleman with the proposal tightens the meeting, it is time to take the initiative in their hands. There are a few tricks that will help you in this matter.

Begin to write to him about any intimate or even juicy details of your life. But act on the principle of "one thousand and one nights", stop the conversation at the curious place. He will surely be interested in the end of history. But you suggest to him that so private you can tell only during actual date. If a young person remains adamant, the next time tell him about buying a new dress or hairstyle, from which all friends are crazy guys.

Effective in such a situation would be a hint that he is the most blunt and slow young man. If you can not go too far and not to offend him, he is likely to be troubled, and you will achieve the desired result.

If in this case it shall stand, and you he's really very nice, you have to tell the most about what you want to see it. There is nothing wrong with that girl wants to chat with a young man during the walk, not just in social networks.

And then, finally, held a first date! But the guy is in no hurry to invite you to the next. Do not forget to find out his interests and hobbies, and the next time you talk to him tell about the upcoming event, which will intrigue young man (screening of the film, the opening of the exhibition). Encourage your child to keep you company.

If all your efforts were not successful, try a last resort - a campaign in the beauty salon and the acquisition of new things. If this does not help, then let go of the man. This is probably not your destiny and soon appeared on the horizon it was he, the one only. Do not waste time on someone who is not interested in you. In a relationship with a young man you will always be missed attention.

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