How to end the relationship with a married man

How to end the relationship with a married man
 Relationship when one partner or both spouses are always quite difficult. Situation when you have to cheat his official partner, can not be stable, sooner or later the question arises about how to break this relationship in which you steal someone else's happiness. If you have come to the conclusion that it is time to end the relationship with a married man, even if you still love him, you will need to find the strength to do and do it.

Yes, anything can happen - a married man can love and leave her family, but when the time comes, and it still did not make it or immediately told you that is not going to throw his wife and children, then you'd better go to break relations itself. Of course, it is very difficult to do this if you love him, but a sober assessment of the situation.

Think about yourself. The man in this case is in a much better position - he already has a family, where he was waiting, he's got you, who loves him. That is itself at the same time he feels self-fulfilling man, but you are currently not able to say so. Full family you do not, and you are always aware of it.

Stealthily steal someone else's happiness - is quite strong emotional load. Your feelings are constantly changing from sheer happiness and euphoria to bleak hopelessness and despair. All this is immediately reflected on the nervous system and, of course, on health.

Set yourself on a break. Convince yourself that you should not waste time and mental strength to waste, because the time spent in vain. Whatever it was, realize that your favorite - a deceiver and there is no guarantee that just as he will not cheat and you. Tell yourself that only a woman with low self-esteem will be glad pieces of happiness, fall to her from someone else's table. And to end the relationship, firmly tell him about it, did not return calls, moreover, no longer call themselves.

Plunge headlong into work, in the care of relatives. Go to travel or find something else to do, after which you will not have neither the strength nor the time for suffering. Fit even exercise, then a double benefit - and pump up muscles, and it will be no time to think. Be back often for people who do not sit at home, because you have not found your happiness, then you need to look for him!

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