How to behave with a virgin

How to behave with a virgin
 To date, there is no exact definition of the term "male virginity." The easiest way, consider this phenomenon as a man who has never had sex with a woman. However, with the emergence of some alternative forms of sexuality, it is difficult to say who is more experienced - a man who already was a common bond with the girl, or someone who is familiar with other ways of elimination of sexual tension.

If you encounter a man for whom sex existed only in his fantasies, then you must remember that for these people the first time plays a special significance. And it should be prepared as a disappointment and a great overall victory.

There are several types of virgins: a virgin with a capital letter, a virgin from another world, an adult virgin, virgin with a large defect. Determine for yourself what exactly you get caught, you will know how to conduct myself with him.

Virgin with a capital letter - it's a classic kind of guy that know not sex. Usually it is a boy, aged 16-18, the purpose of which hurry to get rid of this shortcoming and feel like a grown man. Type a kind of barrier that separates the boy from yesterday and the man of tomorrow. They are easy to sex and generally know what to do. With this type of a guy does not necessarily look any approach. In any case you will give him what he wants.

Virgin from another world - a romantic nature, a man who is proud of her virginity as something rare and priceless. His virginity - an asset that is only for the most special woman. If you become the very worthy of the treasure - it is not wrapped. Enjoy the atmosphere, which will create your favorites. It has long been thought of everything, so just relax and rest in his hands.

Adult virgin - a grown man who, for whatever reason, remained intact. Due to the same shyness or unattractive appearance, perhaps other priorities in life. Generally as a result of this big boy amassed a large complex. This type, we must first explain all the pleasures of sexuality and to try to get rid of fear. The most important thing to show him that you do not care that he was a virgin.

Virgin with a large defect - a man with a little dignity. Even worse, if a congenital injury or loss of attraction due to medical intervention. Unfortunately, sometimes it is impossible to avoid surgery or trauma followed by people for a long time can not have sex, and sometimes can not. But most of all they all right, but they are afraid of failure, so do not even try to start having sex. If you really want to close with this man, you should be sensitive. Do not chase, rush, or teach it. Tell him not to worry, and you will not hurt him. It will be very grateful for your patience and understanding.

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