Fell in love with the chief

Fell in love with the chief
 If you've been looking forward to Friday and strove to escape from work at least for half an hour before, it is now trying to stay under any pretext, and do not know what to do with himself over the weekend. Fees for work not take less time than classroom training to party in the office because you have to look the best. Attack workaholism? Affair with the chief!  
 Of course, love - bright and beautiful feeling. Do not give up a chance at happiness for the sole reason that your partner is working in the next room, and from 9 am to 5 pm, you have to call him by his name and patronymic. However, in the relationship with the boss, there are some pitfalls. Before afford to completely dissolve in feelings, should learn about possible problems.

One of them - the illusion of full relations. You spend together 8 hours a day, but ... in the workplace. Due to the fact that your views often overlap, and the boss and tries to secretly catch for outstanding part of the body or even to invite to his office under the pretext, you start to think that what is happening between you - much more than usual affair. But do not rush to make plans and mentally try white dress! Wary if your favorite is not eager to meet outside the office, finding more and more excuses. Meeting only at night or only in your territory - as alarm bell. After all, a man in love endeavor to hold close to his chosen every free minute.

Do not forget that your novel is under the close supervision of colleagues. No matter how you tried to hide their feelings, attitudes, gestures and even the tone of voice you will be given a head. On the one hand, the favorite could be accused of protezhirovanii, and you - the desire to achieve a good position (a raise, a new cabinet, etc.) in any way. So if you absolutely deserved will increase during this period, gossip and snort colleagues are guaranteed. In addition, the envious can share their vision of the situation with superiors, and it is fraught with problems for both of you. On the other hand, even in the case of an unsuccessful end of the novel and the break-up, you will long remain the main topic of gossip. In addition, the former lover watch every day, and even a few hours a day - the test is not for the faint hearted.

According to statistics, to the registrar reach only 11 out of 100 pairs, which began a relationship in the workplace. In addition, men who have reached senior positions, often continue to command and at home. Would you put up with the rigidity and uncompromising desire her husband to do things their own way? Lapping may take many months, and each family conflict will adversely affect the working process.

But if you are sure that your boss is a part-time, and your destiny, do not be afraid of difficulties. After all quarrels and misunderstandings can arise in any pair. Only overcome difficulties, you will be able to really get to know each other. Not only as neighbors in the office, but as a man and a woman, madly in love with each other.

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