At catcher and the animal runs: coquetry - the art of gestures to attract men

At catcher and the animal runs: coquetry - the art of gestures to attract men
 Inside every girl lives flirt - and this is difficult to argue. Even members of the fairer half of humanity, which is a couple or for a long time already married, flirting completely alien.

Coquetry - a unique communication style, which gives the opportunity to achieve this goal. Everyone uses it in his own way, but the main thing that it operated.

Girl using coquetry as their weapons, must adhere to simple rules, which can not be forgotten for a moment. First of all, communicating with a person, you must always be confident. Only one who can get the pleasure of communicating, be able to comprehend all facets of coquetry.

In a conversation you need to learn to stay calm. Since deception used in coquetry, it just requires. Glance directed into the eyes of the other party, will succeed.

It is understood that coquetry, as well as any communication or deception, requires that the person was an attentive listener. But in this case, to listen - it does not just look at him and nod your head and take an active part in the conversation. Also flirting involves communication with empathy. After all, only seducing someone their communication can achieve the desired outcome, empathizing with him.

A woman who decides to become a yoke, must learn to be assertive. Only in this way can come to the intended purpose and desired to seduce a man. If you akin to flirting flirt, then you're a bit wrong, as it does not involve any physical contact. Even a small touch can be perceived negatively. Therefore always watch the reaction of the person, even if just touch the hands of the interlocutor.

But the most important rule as flirtation and seduction - a smile. But it should always be in moderation, so that nothing bad about you not think.

Flirt in communication at any age, as long as it was appropriate and does not violate any "boundaries". If they are, of course, there is. Since their violation can lead to the fact that people simply offended or angry at you, and all your work will be failed.

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