Watch Out! Pick-up!

Watch Out! Pick-up!
 Pick-up is often touted as the art of seduction. It is a science, which is a set of techniques and methods "removal." The main objective of pikapera - to seduce the girl.
 Seducers are born from nature, not many, most men do not possess extraordinary abilities in the subjugation of women's hearts and acquire skills seduction by many theoretical and practical lessons.

Depending on what level of education is pikaper, he may be interested to be liberated, to assert themselves or to show the class. In the first case could end the conversation, whose purpose - to stop fear sorority. In the second - a massive collection of phone numbers, invitation to the date.

If pikaper after learned to start dating and feel yourself confident with girls, continues training, his goal - sex. Sometimes, for the sake of "tick", sometimes for pleasure, often for the report (in this case, the process of seduction can be recorded on tape and leaked online to pick up artist community court with a detailed report about the process of "removal").

Pickup Girls are preparing for the familiarity, as boxers to enter the ring. They're going to fight, where the girl - a rival, you want to break. The ratio of girls to pick up artist, which they seduce, often dismissive and consumer. Probability build a serious relationship - is minimal.

Have a professional pikaperov happen and long-lasting relations with the girls (usually with several) that do not have anything against the continuation of the "removal" or do not know (prefer not to know about the hobby of a loved one). "Favorite" girl standing Pickup Girls called praymari.

Recognize professional pickup artist is very difficult, you just need to learn to recognize seduction techniques that use Pickup Girls. Exposing not usually very frustrating pick up artist. For a couple of hours of active "work" they can collect a dozen phone numbers and assign a couple of dates for the evening.

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