The best posture for sex relaxation

The best posture for sex relaxation
 During sex, people tend to spend a lot of energy, so some refuse to have sex after work. And in vain, because it may well regain strength, the main thing - to choose the right pose. Of course, in this case a woman should not take an active role. This man should do.

There posture that promotes vibrant and rapid sexual satisfaction, and it does not require a woman of great activity. The woman lies on her back, legs stretched out straight apart. The man lies on top of her, leaning on hands. A woman puts her hands on his buttocks and with their help control the movement of a partner by sending their intensity. For better penetration of the penis into the vagina and for the convenience of man would be better if you put a small pillow under your buttocks, thereby raising them.

If you want a little change posture while remaining passive and host a man, then lie down on the table so that the vagina is located at the very edge. Lift your legs up. Let the man take them in hand and begins to move. When frictions he should then move, then push the legs partner, like a pair of scissors. These movements help to penetrate deeply, touching sensual area of ​​your body, and you will experience new sensations.

Another posture will help you relax, and a man deeply penetrate you. Lie on your back, feet up. A man comes into you, kneeling. Your feet, he put on his shoulders and hips support arms. In this position the movement is carried out. If you can work the muscles of the vagina, then squeezing, then clenched them, it will strengthen orgasm both men and yours.

Posture, which is usually popular among men and at the same time is one of those in which the woman is able to get a quick and bright orgasm. A woman is standing on all fours, lifting the buttocks and head bowed down. A man enters from behind. At this position penetration most profound and powerful, and the woman herself can set the pace of movement. The impact can be strengthened if a man, clasping her hands, caressing the clitoris or breasts.

All of these methods do not require a large voltage from a woman. However, help you quickly reach orgasm, after which comes the euphoria. This rapid passionate sex is able to relieve the tension that had accumulated for the day to refresh physically and help relax.

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