The art of seduction ... dance

The art of seduction ... dance
 Home to the erotic and seductive dance, belly dance, considered Egypt. There, he was dedicated to the pagan goddess Isis. Several centuries belly dancing constantly evolving to become what it is today - the art of seduction.

Everything in this dance is designed to emphasize femininity and erotic dancer, sensuality excite the viewer. Translucent and revealing clothes reveals the most beautiful areas of the body, beads, coins and bracelets invitingly ring, motion dancers combine grace and plasticity.

And there is nothing strange in the fact that modern man, as well as residents of the past centuries, still lose their heads at the sight of belly dancing. To surprise and please her man, learn some dance movements for him. To do this, you can enroll in specific courses, and you can try to repeat the movements of dancers from the film.

Important for belly dance music played by the right choice. It should not only be passionate and erotic, but like you. Select a melody that will ignite a fire in your blood, swallow, under which you want to dance and seduce.

Remember that you - a resident of the XXI century. Feel the beauty of the East, immerse yourself in the world of fairy tales "Thousand and One Nights." Learn through the motions, looks and gestures to express their feelings.

In preparation for the dance program for a loved one, every day to do stretching exercises and flexibility. Because of this you can not only plastic and beautiful dance, but also to better master of his body. And, accordingly, will receive more pleasure from sexual relations.

Carefully prepare your image for performances. Special translucent suit you can buy in a store or sew itself. Do not forget to decorate it with beads, coins. Wear bracelets. Soft tinkling of these accessories help to create the right atmosphere of erotic belly dance.

And most importantly, feel the most unique, sexy, feminine and relaxed. Enjoy the adoring eyes of the man she loved, new sensations and flexibility of its postroynevshego after training body.

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