The art of seduction

The art of seduction
 Passion, desire, attraction ... usually these emotions arise in early dating. But not always possible to draw liked the man. The art of seduction is as old as the world, but still relevant. After all, it is often depends on it, whether zavyazhutsya loving relationship between a man and a woman.

Seduction - is primarily a promise. It is not necessary to behave carelessly or too vulgar, directly offering herself to the man. Of course, this tactic can also be successful, but most likely, the relationship between you already run out in the morning. Conversely, only promising man pleasure looks, gestures and words, you strengthen its attraction.

Eye to eye - tested method of seduction. Not wandering eye on the walls and furnishings, not taking his eyes, noticing that a man looks at you. Boldly and even defiantly keep looking straight at him. Pay attention to the pupils - if they are extended, then a potential partner is very interested in you.

Psychologists say: to locate a friend to yourself should try to become a mirror. This method can help and seduction. Just do not fully replicate the gestures and facial expressions of a man, or he can take it as a joke. A man raises his hand to rub his chin - you raise your to fix her hair, he leans back in the chair relaxed - and you are taking a relaxed pose. It is also worth to monitor the pace of his speech and try to speak in an appropriate rhythm.

Touch - a very important point. First, when your relationship is not so close to touch each other even as a joke, you can accidentally touch his body. For example, rubbing his collarbone, neck, cheat on her finger a strand of hair. Go to closer contact is possible, touching his hand or wrist, and then give the initiative in the hands of men.

Remember that men love with their eyes. Even Coco Chanel said that women should be dressed so it was nice to undress. Therefore, think carefully about your image, going on a date armed with feminine beauty. Beautiful dress, elegant shoes and beautiful clothes will give you confidence. A gleam in his eyes and a playful smile to seduce any man!

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