Terms of seduction: if a man loves his eyes

Terms of seduction: if a man loves his eyes
 A long time to attract the attention of men, it is important to not only look charming, confident, sexy and cute, but also be so. Otherwise he would not be interested in you seriously.
 If your man loves his eyes, you should always look good. To do this, a constant, regular grooming and inner confidence sometimes more important than outstanding natural external data data. Check the condition of your hair, skin, Watchers. When you light the health and well-groomed, you can not miss.

Pick up the correct wardrobe. It should match your age, lifestyle, and approached the figure tsvetotipu. For example, if you have fair skin, blue eyes and blond hair with warm shades, so you will approach a peach color. At the same time, having olive skin and hair color cold refrain from buying such clothes color.

Add grace to your movements. You can do this with the help of dance classes and acting classes. Make sure your gait and posture. Nonverbal behavior is very important for the people with whom you come in contact. Men subconsciously say, relaxed if your posture, or, on the contrary, is tense. Also says a lot about your posture. If you find it difficult to keep straight and the chin, perform exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back and neck.

Work on facial expressions. Try several times a day to look at myself in the mirror in different situations. If you see a gloomy face and cold eyes, drooping corners of her mouth and chin busy, start to improve. Practice in front of a mirror and look for the expression of a person who is affable, friendly, quiet. Your eyes should sparkle and interest to the mystery of life, rather than wallow in grief and disbelief to others.

The main condition to look good - the love of self. Every day, indulge yourself with small treats, favorite movies, good books, nice walks, trips to the beauty, delicious and healthy dishes and interesting acquaintances.

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