Personal Kama Sutra: how to choose a suitable position for yourself

Personal Kama Sutra: how to choose a suitable position for yourself
 It is unlikely that in today's world there is a person who has not heard a word about the ancient Indian treatise of love - Kamasutra. This treatise fully discloses both beginners and experienced partners science of love, offering a huge variety of sexual positions, the choice of which depends largely on the individual wishes and sentiments partners.

To ensure that your sex life has ceased to be monotonous, get yourself to those poses that will allow you not only to get the maximum pleasure, but will open its new face.

If a woman and a man during intimacy is not enough romance, they can try a pose where both partners sit facing each other, together in a single unit. This position provides the most opportunities for hugs and close contact, and helps women to get maximum pleasure.

In that case, if a woman just wants to enjoy sex without effort on their part, it will approach the position in which the woman lies on her side, and the man is behind. Also, a woman can throw a leg on the shoulders of a man who stands in front of her at the time, as a partner on the bed or on the table. The most popular position in which the woman is not required absolutely no effort and movements, is the missionary position.

The position in which the woman is kneeling, and the man is behind and on his knees, helps to stimulate the point G. It is also well suited for this position, in which the woman lifts his legs, lying on his back in front of a man - because her pelvis is lifted, and she finds more fun, while the activity is shown by the man.

If partners prefer to combine sex with physical activity, they will approach a number of original positions, and the most simple of them - the missionary, but it differs from the standard is that the woman does not lie motionless, and covers the back legs partner in the process of bending them, straightening , spreading to the sides and again throwing up.

Also complicate the usual position by inserting the rack on the blades back to the man while he is standing in front of his partner on his knees. Good load on the muscles gives the position in which a man is behind, but both partners remain standing.

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