Lessons of seduction: Body Language

Lessons of seduction: Body Language
 It is believed that the first step toward rapprochement acquaintance or a man should do. A girl can only humbly wait, hoping that the object of sympathy drew attention to it. Actually liked the guy can attract, without saying a word. Sexologists claim that the gestures and postures are able to talk about your feelings more than the most fiery speeches.
 An important point - self-confidence. After all, your movements should be enough looseness, free, easy. Internal restraint can negate all your efforts! Therefore, the right mental attitude is a must. In order to find harmony and tune in communion, albeit with the help of gestures, psychologists recommend bust in memory of the brightest and positive life events, to remember those moments when you feel at a height. Try to fix the state of elation and transfer it in the moment. Another way to increase their own sexuality - affirmations. However, it is better not to repeat them on occasion, and every day, regardless of whether there is a next object of your feelings or not. Say to yourself: "I am the most charming and attractive", "I take my mind", "I am loved". Please note that these statements are missing the word "want" and "will", which is set to receive results in the future, at the time, as you need it right now.

Long female hair - vivid erotic character. Even if you are the owner of a short haircut, do not neglect the feminine and sensual play with curls. Spend it on hand, as if straightening her hair, shake his head, blow bangs off the face or wrap on the finger of a stray strand. Representatives of the stronger sex is recognized that such manipulations can drive them crazy.

Demonstration of an open wrist subconsciously interpreted as a willingness to surrender to the power of men. Lift sleeve sweaters and play with for hours or bracelets.

One of the most emphasized sexual signals - touching his lips. Slightly slightly open mouth, deep in thought, slide your finger on the lower lip or her snack. Another significant element of non-verbal communication - a smile. This kind of "invitation" to meet you, because rare man would dare to start a conversation with a haughty lady grimaced in a grin. But the friendly girl, do not hesitate to their sincere smiles, will certainly cause a return of interest.

The secret of "conversation without words", has been used successfully is not the first generation of women - the right look. Knowledgeable coquette advised to do so: look in the eyes of his counterpart, then looked down at the floor, as if in embarrassment, again meet with his eyes and go back to their business, such as reading a book or a conversation with a friend.

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