How to deal with jealousy

How to deal with jealousy
 Jealousy - a very mixed feelings. Therefore the question of how to deal with jealousy need to disassemble very carefully. When it's just a game, throwing a passionate views and another girl smiles, and followed by the belief that you are the most-most, it is even more interesting. But when jealousy begins to cross all borders, clouding your brain, forced to commit such acts, from which then you are horrified, it is necessary to struggle with jealousy.

The first thing to overcome jealousy need to speak frankly with your partner. That you are jealous and ask to dispel their doubts. In most cases, all of your reasons for jealousy will find a simple and reasonable explanation, and deal with it do not even have.

The second action to combat jealousy. It is necessary to switch itself on the matter. Jealous usually the one who alone. Now a lot of training, clubs, where you can find partners with the same interests and will be able to diversify their leisure. Time on jealousy will become smaller and gradually you completely get rid of it.

The third action to combat jealousy. Spend as much time with her man away from home. Go with him to the movies, theater, restaurant, concert. Do not just that on Friday, when he traditionally meets with his friends. It's his day, it is better to agree on other days. You will see how well you and your man alone nowhere seeks from you, get rid of jealousy will be much easier.

The fourth action to combat jealousy. If none of the above does not work, then you will only psychologist. This usually means that you have a serious personal problem, and you need professional help. It is important to remember that no girlfriend or mom you can not replace a psychologist, so that only to him. The fact that jealous usually hesitant, weak people who do not trust your partner. They do not have the desire and strength to deal with jealousy. It's their emotions and life.

No man like that with him insecure, weak and notorious woman who does not believe in his words and at the same time wants all his life lugging all her fears and concerns. Therefore, say to yourself - jealousy prevents me to live, prevents my happiness and love, and I'll deal with it and do anything to get rid of it! And start doing it right now!

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