Habit, love or pity?

Habit, love or pity?
 According to statistics, a huge number of marriages fail in the period from one year to three years after the wedding. Psychologists explain it simply. Held passion, love, everyday problems began. And the couple were not prepared for the fact that emotions are not always at its peak. And the family - is not only happiness, but also a long work on myself.
 Psychologists and family therapists have long found several dangerous periods during which the probability of divorce is great. This year, three and seven years after the wedding. The most difficult and crucial moment comes after about twelve months after the wedding. In order not to bring to the separation or, on the contrary, not to delay anyone unnecessary relationship, you need to understand their own feelings and understand what all the same between you - a habit, love or pity?

The most difficult to distinguish love from habit. Many people, especially young couples think that if the partner stopped continually confess your love, madly jealous, calls every hour, and so on.d., Then he fell out of love. In fact, it is not so. Just passions subsided, came a quiet family life. And it has more pros than cons. You have come to trust each other, do not doubt his wife, calmly react to some of the things that used to cause aggression or anger. You went through a period of so-called "grinding" and now is the time to devote himself to hobbies. Engage in a hobby, for which the period of rapid novel was not enough time. Perhaps the partner will be interesting to your passion, and you will spend more time together, doing things you love. You will have a huge number of topics for discussion and thought that marriage is something wrong, retreat. However, if you are not together is interesting, you do not want to communicate with your partner, come home and perform all actions "on the machine", there is reason to think about where the love is gone. And does it make sense to continue the marriage by habit or stands to find her true soul mate. 

Women often make the mistake of pity and live with is not suitable for family men. A huge number of unemployed lazy, drunks, selfish, hiding behind the strong women. In the year since the date of the wedding, to determine what actually is a spouse, is quite real. And if he is not going to change for the better, with a break to pull just not worth it. Pity - it's not the feeling which should be based on coexistence.

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