Sex on the beach: "pros" and "cons"

Sex on the beach: "pros" and "cons"
 Resort and entertaining part of any trip young or middle-aged couples often diluted with sexual diversity, which may be lacking in their everyday life. If the holiday is held on the beach, lovers tend to get to the beach, beautiful as the heroes of films about love.

Sex on the Beach has inestimable advantages. Such adventure helps feel the real savages and thus liberating even the most modest touchy. Affectionate sound of the sea, light breezes, moonlit path on the water, the breathing of nature and nudity can not but worry overheated steam rest. On the shore away from prying eyes easier and easier to learn new poses, fondling gets hot, and "the process of love" - ​​a passionate and memorable.

But there are also disadvantages beach lovemaking. If you decide to make love on the beach, do not rush to immediately fall to the sand. First, inspect the area, because on the beach, sadly, it is often a lot of fine dust. Another very delicate moment: to have sex right on the sand - it's not the most pleasant, because the grains of sand stuffed "all places" and deliver a very unpleasant and even painful. By the way, galichnye beaches is also not "equipped" for the love comfort, so it is better to engage in "this" on the rug, rug, or at least lay the towel.

Located right by the sea couple can expect another surprise - came running wave. Generally, a night on storm sea more often than, for example, early in the morning. Better to climb out of the water to avoid being "damped" at the crucial moment. By the way, on the same occasion, again, should take with a lager or a rug, because staying on wet sand, cooled down for the night, threatening kidney disease, etc.

If you decide to go for the thrill of the beach, does not preclude the occurrence of prying eyes. Surely you do not like one to retire at night by the sea. Treat outsiders can be different, as long as you do not fall too aggressive-minded people and those who are on the contrary, is not averse to join you, even if you did not invite anyone. And it happens.

Do not forget another important rule. If you are consenting decided to conceive a child on holiday, sex on the beach does not become an obstacle. And if your passion - just a fleeting holiday romance without obligation, take care of the necessary means of contraception.

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