8 sins that man always forgive the woman he loves

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 Men think some women frivolous creatures and carried, but love them no less than ideal, in their opinion, companions. They are easy on some women's weaknesses and sins, rightly considering that this is not the worst thing that can happen.
 Known female talkativeness is perceived by men as a valid flaw that can be simply adore the woman. After all, what she tells her friends, not so scary - if all is well in the relationship, it is only an occasion for joy. If things are not so smooth, and the woman often complains of a man, the situation will not change, will not get better or worse. Still, the woman should filter information and less to talk about his personal problems, especially among friends.

Men react calmly to the fact that the woman sometimes manifests his worldly folly - can not distinguish one brand from another machine, confuses the capital and the country, etc. But it is a good cook, a caring mother and faithful wife. Well, it is desirable that it did not show their ignorance in public, although it is men experience easily.

If your home is often a mess, dishes may piling several floors in the sink, and in the morning a man can not find a pair of clean socks, that too is not fatal. Innocent face and sincere repentance is always correct the situation, but you still try to show a little more thrift.

Often women are experimenting with her figure, "himself settling" the whole family to the new diet. This is useful, will make you look slimmer and preserve health, and a couple of pieces of grilled meat and men can eat at lunchtime.

Though men and terribly nervous when women are going for a long time and change clothes, but deep down they are pleased to see their favorite in different images, and pride in the companion then compensates all expectations.

The daily viewing serials can be very annoying, but men usefully spend the time - sitting in online games, watching football matches or read newspapers.

Accept the fact that his wife is preparing a bad can a few - usually it's the men who can afford to eat in restaurants and cafes. But the rest of the men do not see anything wrong with that occasionally there is a store food.

If your beloved woman periodically can afford to spend a whole month's salary men in boutiques, then of course he will grumble. But it's so nice to indulge your favorite, give her the possibility of unlimited pleasure shopping.

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