Whether a man is guilty of dissatisfaction in women?

Whether a man is guilty of dissatisfaction in women?
 It happens that even those couples who love each other, and where a woman really likes sex, and the man treats her closely, the partner is still not satisfied. She experiences orgasm rarely or almost never. Who is to blame for this state of affairs? The woman is doing something wrong, or the man should adjust their sexual habits?

Sex life - aspect of the relationship, where the partners should be particularly attentive to each other. If someone does not belong to the wishes of the partner with full attention, it can feel. How nature is that women are more sensitive in this area, so their sexual life may be subject to violations to a greater extent than men. This point is exacerbated by the fact that women are more excited and a bit slower.

Since two active partner, usually a man, his errors tend to be more significant. It happens that the partner can not take into account the needs of women, and she does not experience orgasm for that reason. Of course, one can not say that it is always the cause anorgasmia lies in a man's behavior, but often it is.

Much sexual sensuality women due to the fact how she started sex life. Women often recall their first sexual experience as somewhat rough behavior of men as a result of which she had the impression that sex, for the most part, we need a man and a woman is experiencing pleasure from it in the least. But whatever the first sexual experience is very important in the future if the partner is a woman with the understanding enables her to understand that she had nothing to fear if she can tell him about their sexual experiences.

It is not uncommon that women separated from their partners turn to a sexologist. They say that the first time partner paid enough attention to foreplay and experience pleasure was sufficient. But later the man began to move to the sexual act more quickly, in fact, he blames his partner, that it is not sufficiently sensitive, that it is too cold to have sex. Sometimes it comes even before that partner starts to threaten her with divorce if the sex life does not get better. Often women are embarrassed to ask a man about to he resumed foreplay, and he does not know about. Such a situation can create a relationship of two people loving each other real abyss.

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