Several techniques of Thai massage

Several techniques of Thai massage
 Thai massage - a special kind of massage, which focuses on the mechanical stress is not on the muscle tissue (as in the classic forms of massage), and the impact on energy lines and points of the body, which play an important role in Chinese and Thai medicine. There are plenty of techniques and exercises Thai massage sequence and variations which each therapist selects individually with each patient.

Thai massage always start with the patient lying on his back; thereafter masseur operates with the lateral areas of the body; then the patient lies face down; at the end of the session the patient is sitting. The first thing that affects the masseur - foot. On foot, there are five lines of energy channels. They all begin at a point which is centered on the heel of the foot (if front of you foot heel down). The first reception massaging feet - Push your thumb on this point and then firmly slide your finger up to five lines - each of the toes. Then the therapist sitting at the feet of a patient lying on his back, makes the following massage techniques:
a) pressure on the inner and upper part of the foot (it needs to deploy the feet to the floor and evenly distribute the pressure on them);
b) compression of the feet;
c) stretching the fingers (for this purpose it is necessary to compress the toes and pull up as much as possible, then down).
Further impact on the foot is better to carry out by reading the detailed video tutorial or photographs, which can be seen, for example, here

In the patient lying on the side of the therapist acts on the arms, shoulders and legs. Some actions masseur at this:
a) rotates the shoulder of the patient;
b) raises his arm perpendicular to the body and stretches it, then stretched his hand behind their heads;
c) helps the patient to carry out lifting with a twisted back;
d) pushes his hands on the inner and outer thighs;
d) pushes his feet on the calf and thigh of the patient.

When the patient lies face down, the therapist makes pressing across the back, carefully work in the lumbar region, and also works with the energy channels extending from the outer side of the ankle up to the buttocks (bending the legs, lifting his feet, pressing).

In the sitting position of the patient, the therapist acts primarily on the neck and shoulders channels and perform such techniques as:
a) squeezing his hands, then his fingers on his shoulders;
b) the patient's forearms shoulder massage masseur. In this case, the therapist moves his body weight on the forearms and makes pushing motion;
c) stretching the neck and shoulders. To do this, the therapist connects the fingers of his hands and hits a forearm on the side of the area above the ear of the patient, and the other - on top of his shoulder.

These are just some of the exercises of Thai massage, produced for thousands of years. They can give only a general idea about this kind of massage that real professionals are learning more than one year.

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