Seven lessons of how to win a man

Seven lessons of how to win a man
 At all times, in all ages men have fought for their women, and women tried to conquer men. If all about men, more or less clear, the issue of women is somewhat more complicated. Even thinner.

Lesson One: Believe in yourself, your strength, your charm, femininity, sexuality and attractiveness. If you consider yourself such will not - how do you want to please a man? Only a woman, confident, able to get that man who she mil.

Lesson two: faith alone in his irresistible little. We must also make an effort to make it true. What to choose methods - you decide: someone can be written to the gym, someone will escalate the chest, sits on a diet, take a deep epilation, throw grandmother mohair shawl. But what is needed is not to stand still and take some action - that's for sure.

Lesson Three: remember the popular "way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Even if the most complicated dish that you still have to cook - boiling water, did not recognize this man. Stores with home cooking now mass, buy something that you like a man and treat him. If you really can cook yourself - wonderful.

Lesson Four: contrary to popular belief, not only the ears like a woman. Men love them too, and even hoo how. So do not be stingy to pay compliments to the man. Three reservations: not too zealous in this, every five minutes is not necessary; In no case did not stoop to outright flattery; say praise from a pure heart.

Lesson Five: Learn to listen. Even if you did not watch the World Cup final on chess and do not know who the Minister of Finance in Syria, if your man tells you about it, so it is interesting - one, he wants to share with you - two. Appreciate it, do not interrupt him off "ooooy, do not, do not, I'm in this really do not understand."

Lesson Six: never with him not criticize, do not scoff, does not respond disparagingly about his mother. In whatever ways they now were, mom will always be the main woman in his life. And if you want even if not to take her place, but close to it, do not say a bad word about it.

Lesson Seven: Learn to speak eyes. Sometimes a woman is important to show their feelings. But to say about them, it can not be solved (and often rightly so). But there are lots of ways to make it clear to the man that he cares about you. A man is very appreciated.

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