Separate holiday - an alarming symptom?

Separate holiday - an alarming symptom?
 Increasingly, today you can hear that the family is going to rest apart. Often, a woman with children leaving for the long-awaited vacation to the sea, and the head of the family is at home, in order to earn a little money, that all that needed lately. In addition, there is a case where the husband goes somewhere at sea, where salt water and clean sand, and his wife left alone, left to itself.

Of course, a separate vacation can be found both positive and negative aspects. Plus the fact that you can relax a bit from each other, bored and then again reunited happily and passionately loving each other even more than before separation. Many couples, especially those that are more than a year together, begin to experiment with separate vacation to return the old feelings and again as a young man, have some fresh ideas and interesting events. But all the same if your husband very much fun in a hurry to rest one - can be absolutely sure that there was not waiting for solitude. The only time you can with a soul to let go of his beloved at the resort, it is when it is very old, or is impotent, a healthy young man is already on the first day will find a lady for holiday romance. Many women here may argue that even if such an affair will take place, it will not drag on for longer than the holiday of husband. But to change the time, he can enter into the taste and want new sensations. 

When we have the first option of separate vacation - the mother with the children of the sea, the husband earns money - most often a holiday is not complete for the woman. After all, she and so for days to deal with children and here we have to do the same, but still worry about her husband, who stayed there alone on the farm. A woman who in ordinary days can not afford to relax and find at least a minute of time for themselves, on vacation will surely be only look for the sons. Her husband, in turn, may have to be in the early days to enjoy the peace and solitude. But soon it bored him and he will start to look for warmth and affection on the side. So come one and treason. And where one is, there is a second, third, and so on.

If your family suddenly there was a question about the separation of the town, it's just an alarming sign. After all, every couple who love each other can not survive even a week apart, especially on vacation. But frequent separate trips can lead to divorce. So it is worth a hundred times to think before to let her husband of one of the sea or to go with children, leaving him home alone. The more that a joint visit would only strengthen your relationships and family ties.

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