Intimate injury

Intimate injury
 Intimate injuries occur in the majority of people. This concept includes not only serious damage in the genital area, but also to inflate, scratches, and even rupture of the hymen in women. Injuries from sex happen not only with the sexual organs, but also with the rest of the body, for example, due to a fall or a strike.

Simple damage, such as scratches, bruises, scrapes and sores if sex was aggressive, or too long, and lubrication was a little less than you need. Various scratches and abrasions are common, because the nails, hair or jewelry is also quite sharp. Piercing in the intimate parts of the body - this is a serious traumatic factor to it need to be especially careful. If you or your partner was a small injury, just wait a few days until all healed.

If several days have passed, but the wound is not in a hurry to disappear, then you may want to consult a doctor. Some diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, it is manifested as scratches and sores, or a sharp object, damaging the thin skin could be pathogenic microbes.

Bites - often they leave only harmless small hematoma which pass quickly. But also bite the genitals may be accompanied by large blood loss, sometimes behind this may be followed by a serious injury. Stop the bleeding can be difficult, as the intimate organs located many vessels. Serious bruises and swollen hematoma can no longer be ignored. If a man were difficulties during urination, it is necessary to go to the doctor.

Anal sex and security - this is a topic for another discussion. If it was organized properly, then an active participant may bridle injuries, abrasions and rubbed sore, and the passive side it can turn even the sphincter rupture or mucosal inflammation of hemorrhoids, if they exist. In any case, you must use enough lubricant and be careful.

If during sex, there was any injury, be sure to make an appointment with the doctor. For men, a special doctor - a urologist, for women - a gynecologist. The fact that intimate injuries can cause many complications that lead to problems not only in the field of sex.

If the injury occurred during sex, but with the intimate organs is not connected, then you need to apply to the trauma. This happens after falling from a poorly chosen location for sex, use of condoms and lubricants allergenic.

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