How to make a man a compliment

How to make a man a compliment
 Virtually all the stronger sex like flattery. And they take it at face value, without a flicker of doubt in his own merits. Therefore, making compliments a man, you can use the most excellent epithets, praise is sure to be a success.
 Women always flattering to hear about how good it looks. But men pleasing positive assessment of their appearance. Only by making such a compliment, it is necessary to pay attention to detail. Such as voice, which stylish cufflinks on a suit or praise a new watch model. It is not necessary to elevate highly polished boots and enjoy the absence of bristles. A man may think that what he did - a feat and become a shave and care for shoes only on holidays.

The most pleasant for the stronger sex compliment - recognition manhood. And this applies not only to the intimate aspects of life. It is worth praise and qualities such as responsibility, the ability to protect the woman he loves from domestic problems, take care of the family, etc. All of these qualities in a man should cherish, constantly reminding of how important they are to you, and that the best partner you can not imagine.

Compliments can talk to the man directly, without fear that they will be accepted for flattery. Representatives of the stronger sex for the most part so confident that no doubt own merits. Your words just once more confirm the obvious and increase his self-esteem. But the men said that you pay attention to its excellent quality, and thus nourish him sincere feelings. And be sure to try to meet your expectations, becoming more approximate to the ideal.

But do not forget that alone will spoil a man compliments. Gently, gently point out flaws. No consistent about it constantly, one mention enough. To the woman he loved a man ready to change, only it is not necessary to press, it will cause a violent backlash.

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