How to make a man a compliment

How to make a man a compliment
 Men need a few more compliments than women. He is about your praise, but in the case. It's like a guide to action. If you say that it is wonderful to cook - and do not need to go to a restaurant, he will try and bother in the kitchen more often. All men need to approve initiatives. If you leave it unattended operation, it is likely to throw it.
 Too general compliments are not perceived a man. The phrase: "What wonderful! "- Nothing to say to him, but," You are so sexy looks with this punch! "- Inspired him to repair. Must praise and purely masculine qualities. These compliments are for the stronger sex as a drug. He wants to hear something else nice about how good he is in bed, so the man will show all that capable.

Another plus - accustomed to receiving praise from you, he will not risk making new relationships, will be available to appreciate. And if a man has not yet decided on the choice, of course, he will weigh in favor of a woman who approves of his actions, rather than one that perceives his efforts for granted. If he will not receive a dose of this "drug" that will soon feel your irreplaceable.

Speak compliments a man without lisping like a child, and an intimate little voice whispering in his ear. Constantly explains why he is the most intelligent - made solutions difficult task at work, why he is the strongest - rearrange the furniture himself why he is the favorite - you love him, more so no one knows how! A man should be proud of their accomplishments and know that you remember them and appreciate.

To please the young man, too, must be reserved praise. For example, ask them to look into your computer, as one that can outsmart you do not know and have heard about his abilities in this area. Or ask for help to bring a heavy bag, because with such a muscle to do it is simple. Man will be pleased by the warm compliments and the attention to his person. After that, it will surely pay attention to you as a friendly and attractive girl.

After all, the man praised, always looking for something to answer for approval, that is, young people will only pay attention to your strengths! Please note only one caveat - all the compliments lavished man should not contain ambiguities. If you say, "What an extraordinary figure you! "It will take to try to discover defects that you so impressed - narrow shoulders and crooked legs. Therefore it is said: "You have a great athletic figure, which is very unusual for an office worker! ".

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