How to learn to flirt with a man

How to learn to flirt with a man
 Flirting - this is not the art of seduction and subtle game, which men and women are to each other since time immemorial. While there is some erotic overtones, but it does not mean that flirting should lead to sex. The ability to flirt - an art that should give pleasure to both parties and no it does not put in an awkward position.
 Psychologists believe that flirting is appropriate even in business life. A small exchange of courtesies between colleagues or partners leads to a more friendly and relaxed environment, and some shade, that this process gives any relationship, only inspires people and makes them more productive.

But the trouble is that many modern women brought up where "no sex", so that they do not become accustomed to flirt and flirt. They just do not know how it's done. If this is about you, do not hurry to get upset. Coquetry - it is a certain principle of conduct, which is available to every woman.

So how do you learn how to flirt? You will need some preparation. Evaluate your appearance. Every woman has undeniable advantages, but almost all at the same time there are also some disadvantages. The first rule of flirting is that you need to show dignity, but the best of all the disadvantages to hide.

You have beautiful long hair? Work on hair that it was noticeable. If you are the owner of a stunning bust, then pay attention to clothing with cleavage. Need to dress elegant, feminine and tasteful, because flirting - it's not just nice words, it's also the ability to enchant with the help of the exterior, for example, coyly crossed legs or shaking hair. Do not forget the perfume - this is an important attribute of the style.

Almost every woman who does not know how to flirt, have a friend that owns this skill to perfection. Notice how it does it. It turns out that it is almost always looks the interlocutor in the eye, and look at this very special. He is playful, mysterious, perhaps, passionate, lively - this view is simply mesmerizing. She is able to fluently and a little sideways look at the man, but also know how to look for a long time, depending on what is meant.

How does she know when and what to do? In fact, every woman knows it. Try not to analyze the situation and act spontaneously. If the person you are interested in and you get the pleasure of conversation, even enigmatic smile, and a special look - all this will itself.

An important part of flirting - it's a compliment. Secular communication is to talk about unimportant things from time to time do not forget to praise the interlocutor. Same thing here. If you can successfully joke, respond with humor, perhaps, gently pry the person, but not so much that it was a shame that the ability to flirt for you just will not be a difficult task.

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