How to forgive offenses

How to forgive offenses
 Very often those who have offended you, have no idea how difficult and painful you experience resentment. It hurts, interferes enjoy life again and again comes to mind. So, you are to blame for the fact that the offense is so deeply impressed the soul. Therefore, it is important to be able to forgive.
 For a start it would be good to sit down and sort out what are the benefits of resentment. You can think of for a long time, but the answer is always the same - no. This means that, resenting someone you hurting yourself. This can not be tolerated. Throw away this feeling useless.

If the offense does not want to leave you, and the feeling of impunity abuser constantly crawls out of the subconscious, it is best to put it in popularity. This can be done in different ways. If you see this person is not possible, there is no desire or just unpleasant, it is possible to write him a letter. Do not hesitate to write their feelings and experiences in any expression with any obscene turnovers. Need to write as long as you do not feel that devastated the offender and said everything. And then will just burn this letter and throw the ashes - even with it will disappear and your whole offense.

If this method does not bring relief, you should try to look the part on one's own actions. It is possible that in your life, there are not a few people who just suffered from accidentally thrown your phrases, reckless behavior or unfortunate misunderstanding. Was not this an insult accident? Try to remember all the wrongs that you felt throughout his life. Try to gather them all together, have pity on himself, weep all the tears and finally afford to live a happy life. Throw away all the insults as one, with tears and emotions.

A good way to forgiveness can be considered a kind of auditory training. To do this on a piece of paper to write something like this: "I forgive (name of the offender or offenders) for (description of offense) and are exempt from this." Then every day, several times it is necessary to read the text as long as you do not feel that resentment receded. It is important to not only read, but really try to feel what is written on paper.

In any event, you can find pluses and minuses. Try to find your grievance positive moments. For example, you told someone that you are selfish or too arrogant. Then you should think, perhaps, the words were spoken not in vain and that a push for self-improvement? In this case, the offender should not only forgive, but also thank you for the service rendered.

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