How to deal with a guy on a date

How to deal with a guy on a date
 First date - an important step in building the future of the novel. That depends on it, what will your future relationship if they can turn into something more than just a flirtation, so it is important to behave on a date.
 First date - one of the most exciting moments in the life of a girl. To this should be approached thoughtfully and thoroughly. The first step is to decide on clothing. Select a discreet outfit. No glitter, sequins and feathers even more so - to you it may seem like a vulgar, not having the slightest taste of the girl. Evening make-up and hairstyle with fleece - also no good. Dress is attractive, but at the same time while convenient, because the young man may invite you to an amusement park or a walk in the evening.

With regard to the conversation, then lead the conversation on abstract themes. You should not immediately interested in his personal life, trying to learn all the way up blood. As a rule, people on the first date feel awkward and a bit awkward, so you can start a conversation with hobbies, interests, music preferences. Do not even think to start talking about some prospects of your relationship - spugnete your sacrifice. Men do not like to be shackled by some obligations on them and hang tags.

Be positive and friendly. Do not turn in on themselves, answering monosyllables. Young people may think that you do not like. Listen to it carefully, keenly interested in minute details of the story, but do not overdo it, all the while looking into his eyes. Joking, but do not forget that you are familiar with the man a little, and he can not understand your possibly specific humor. Do not interrupt and do not taratorte. It must be your measured and calm.

It will not hurt to do a couple of unobtrusive compliments to the young man, then he will see that you are interested in them, and the next meeting will be provided. You can evaluate the quality of his professional mind, physique, ability to listen and understand.

Behave available. Of course, sex on the first date is not forbidden, but most likely you will change the view - unlikely guy wants a serious relationship with you in the future. Let him take you home, thank for the excellent arrangements made for the evening, hinting at the fact that you do not mind to see him again. Let him know that he'll be lovely, but not the center of the universe. Now we need to - wait for him to call or SMS message.

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